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Michael J. Wynne speaks with abc 13 Eyewitness News as Spring Valley, Texas Police Chief Is Under Investigation

Lloyd Evans, Spring Valley Police Chief has been placed on administrative leave after City investigators discovered he paid himself nearly $300,000 in overtime pay after apparently signing the timecards on his own behalf.

A special meeting was called by the city council last week after discovery that a salaried city employee had approved and paid himself nearly $300,0000 in overtime wages. According to the city attorney, Evans received overtime wages of $189,038 in 2020 and $96,040 in 2021. This is in addition to his annual salary of $151,000.

Spring Valley’s Police Commissioner was asked by the mayor and mayor pro-tem to meet with Evans and discuss his willingness to engage with the council to formulate a retirement/separation agreement. The meeting did not go well and as a result of a later phone call made by Evans to the Police Commissioner, Evans was placed on administrative leave and a police officer has been stationed outside Mayor Marcus Vajdos’ home for security.

Channel 13 News interviewed former federal prosecutor Michael J. Wynne, now a white-collar criminal defense attorney. “Fire this guy right now,” Wynne stated after reading the city attorney’s letter. “Look, I’ve seen people prosecuted and investigated by the FBI for far, far, far, less, and this guy is still getting paid? It’s just outrageous, especially in a small community like this.”

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