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Media Law

Media, First Amendment & Public Access Law

Gregor Wynne Arney maintains an active media law practice, addressing legal issues affecting First Amendment rights, defamation, privacy, and open government and open records. The Firm’s extensive experience in this area has resulted from handling media and communications-related litigation, representing local and regional broadcasters, newspapers, and news organizations, as well as publishers, authors, individual journalists, bloggers, and production companies. From early stage involvement in counseling clients regarding pre-publication review of news articles, broadcasts and advertisements, to defending all classes of libel, slander, and other defamation related cases, the Firm assists media companies maintain their role as the “Fourth Estate” and face head-on any effort to chill the exercise of their rights bestowed by the First Amendment. In that same effort, the Firm assists its clients in pursuing access to government records, information, and open meetings and open courts under both state and federal statutes and common law.

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