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Lance C. Arney’s Clients Awarded Over $1.375 Million in UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy FINRA Arbitration

In a win for investor rights and one of the largest UBS YES awards to date, Gregor Wynne Arney partner Lance C. Arney’s clients prevailed in their claims against UBS Investment Services arising from the YES options trading program.

UBS’s Yield Enhancement Strategy (YES)

YES is a complex and risky options strategy marketed by UBS advisors as a safe, market-neutral overlay that would provide marginally higher returns to an investor’s securities portfolio. UBS had a fiduciary duty as an investment advisor to act in its clients’ best interest in providing advisory services, including whether or not to recommend YES.

In an interview with Jeff Berman, a reporter with ThinkAdvisor in New York, Lance Arney commented, “We knew that UBS had prevailed in many of these YES cases but were confident that our clients had a good case.” 

FINRA Arbitration Panel Awards Over $1.375 Million

After a week-long hearing, the FINRA arbitration panel awarded over $1.375 million in compensatory damages and prejudgment interest to Arney’s clients, who alleged the firm’s Yield Enhancement Strategy (YES) was misrepresented to them and exposed them to risk of loss that was higher than disclosed.

Have You Suffered Investment Losses Due to Broker Misconduct?

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