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Joseph Larsen Represents the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity at the Texas Supreme Court

University of Texas System v. Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity

Texas Supreme Court justices heard oral arguments on Wednesday for and against creating a narrower or a broader standard for attorney-client privilege. Joseph Larsen, of Gregor Wynne Arney, represented the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity and reporter Jon Cassidy as they sought access to documents resulting from an investigation by an outside consultant, Kroll Associates Inc., which UT had retained to investigate undue influence in the University of Texas System admissions process.

The University of Texas claims the requested documents could be withheld from release pursuant to the attorney-client privilege. Larsen argued that Kroll was brought in as an investigator to verify for the public a nonpartisan independent agent found no misconduct. He argued that Kroll’s role was limited to fact finding and not for the purpose of providing professional legal services.

Texas Supreme Court justices peppered the lawyers with questions on Wednesday regarding the ramifications should they change what triggers the attorney-client privilege in the context of government entities and the Public Information Act.

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“If this court rules for the University of Texas, I guarantee you that every governmental body is going to start running their investigations through their counsel’s office just to be able to withhold it from the public,” Larsen said.

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