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Gregor Wynne Arney Obtains Quick Release of $3.1 Million Charter Aircraft from Customs and Border Patrol

Gregor Wynne Arney partner Michael J. Wynne today completed successful negotiations with the U.S. Government for the release of a $3.1 million charter aircraft seized by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol at the Mexican border. The owner of the aircraft was not aware of any intended improper use of the aircraft by relatively affluent passengers we now understand did not have standing to be in the United States. The owner and charter company followed all standard protocols for checking the identity of passengers and adhered to all other pre-flight policies and procedures. The client incurred no penalty or fine other than incidental storage fees. This was an extraordinarily swift resolution of this type of matter and will allow the owner and charter company to resume leasing the aircraft amidst increasing demand for private air travel services.

Gregor Wynne Arney is a litigation boutique based in Houston, TX. Michael Wynne has decades of experience practicing white-collar criminal law and handling government investigations.

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