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Gregor Wynne Arney Legal Team Obtains Release of True the Vote’s Leaders, Jailed for Refusing to Identify Their Confidential Informant

True the Vote, founded by Catherine Engelbrecht, is an organization founded in 2009 dedicated to protecting Americans’ right to free and fair elections without interference. Catherine Engelbrecht and Greg Phillips, who works alongside True the Vote, were escorted from a Houston courtroom on October 31st by federal marshals after refusing to disclose the name of a confidential informant. They were unjustly jailed for contempt of court. This was unprecedented.

During court proceedings earlier in the day and the previous week, attorneys for the plaintiff elections logistics company pressed Phillips for further information about a meeting held in Dallas in early 2021, at which data was presented to Phillips indicating the company stored American poll worker data on a server in China. Neither Phillips nor Engelbrecht would release the man’s name, refusing to put his safety at risk.

Gregor Wynne Arney’s legal team, led by Michael J. Wynne, appealed the contempt order entered by federal district Judge Kenneth Hoyt to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit. Wynne argued the finding of contempt was in error and Engelbrecht and Phillips should be released from jail. The appeals court granted their release on Sunday night, November 6. Several days later, the 5th Circuit vacated the contempt order in its entirety.

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