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White-Collar Crime Involving Fraud Often Goes Unreported, as it is Difficult To Prove

Despite the publication of many well-published convictions, executives are rarely imprisoned. Many are not even prosecuted. Generally, there are no smoking guns. There is no DNA evidence to prove a person has committed a white-collar crime. Rarely is there an eyewitness to the crime willing to testify against the perpetrator. Losses may not be readily apparent to the victim. The white-collar crime may involve a sophisticated scheme difficult to discern an equally sophisticated cover up. Many white-collar crimes require co-conspirators. It is highly unlikely that any of these participants will report they were even tangential participants in a white-collar scheme.

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Michael J. Wynne is a graduate of Harvard Law School and has a track record of success representing clients in both state and federal courts. He spent 12 years as a federal prosecutor on both the civil and criminal side in the Southern District of Texas and worked in collaboration with the IRS, FBI, DEA, Homeland Security, the Secret Service, the State Securities Board, and many other federal agencies. He has worked with law enforcement in other countries, including multiple times in Mexico. His experience on the prosecution side of the aisle gives him a unique understanding of white-collar crime, its impact on the economy, and defenses available to those charged with a white-collar crime. On the defense, he is responsive, reliable, and relentless. He takes every case personally and will be there for you, your business associates, and your family.

For more information on this topic or to discuss a defense if you are under investigation for committing a white-collar crime, or a victim, contact us as soon as possible, either at mwynne@gwafirm.com or by calling (281) 450-7403 to schedule a confidential consultation. The sooner the better.

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